Haras da Cabana - Institutional - Haras History


Values: Love to Horses;
Care for the Nature preservation in all senses;
Respect for people, animals and ideals;

Mission: Our mission is to have Excellence in show jumping horse breeding.

Eyesight: Reference in quality; High performance champion horses; Seriousness and Transparency in the trade of jumping horses. Constant cycle of satisfied buyers

Haras da Cabana started in 2008, when the passion for horses began the breeding of the Brazilian Sport Horse (BH) on Cabana dos Anjos farm, in the city of Porto Feliz, in countryside of São Paulo.

With the veterinarian Priscila Azevedo’s advice, Fernando Moreira and their children, Lucas and Marcela started breeding, importing renowned semen and inseminating in quality breeding mares, always in search of maximum excellence.

The careful selection of breeding mares which make up the breeding stock of Haras da Cabana is the basis of breeding. Seeking Stallions through champions notably consistent in essential characteristics for the athlete, Haras da Cabana has achieved exceptional results, worthy of future champions.

Over the years, the entire team has deepened its research into genetic combinations. Today, our foals are the sum of genetics and management, two factors that always go together.