Haras da Cabana - Structure


Values: Love to Horses;
Care for the Nature preservation in all senses;
Respect for people, animals and ideals;

Mission: Our mission is to have Excellence in show jumping horse breeding.

Eyesight: Reference in quality; High performance champion horses; Seriousness and Transparency in the trade of jumping horses. Constant cycle of satisfied buyers

Haras da Cabana structure and facilities have always been well studied and planned to breed and prepare high performance horses of BH (Brazilian Sport Horse).

Counting on the constant advice of experienced professionals Priscila Azevedo and Francisco Musa, the stud farm was built with great care, thinking about the physical and emotional health of the animals.

With 84.503 Acres (34,19 Hectare) of flat and big paddocks, 20 stables, ample maternity, complete structure of veterinary, sand track 50 x 80 m, round, etc, Haras Cabana presents excellent conditions for the breeding and development of horses.