Haras da Cabana - Team


The team at Haras da Cabana is of fundamental importance for the animals development, as one of our primary values is breeding based on love, docility and respect for nature. Essential characteristics for our horses.

Ivanilson dos Santos Anjos

Ivanilson dos Santos Anjos

Pedro Flausino Neto

Pedro Flausino Neto

Priscila Azevedo

Dr. Priscila Azevedo and Team.

Veterinary Team

Performs all animal health monitoring from the quality of pasture, feed and supplements. Everything has been followed from the beginning by Dr. Priscila Azevedo and her team, a veterinary reference for equestrian athletes

Odair José

Odair José de Andrade

JR Breading

JR Breeding

Breeding Team

Dr. Ricardo Fanani